Hwanwoo Kim


Jones Laboratory 307

5747 South Ellis Avenue

Chicago, IL 60637

hwkim (at) uchicago (dot) edu

I am a fourth-year Computational and Applied Math PhD student at the University of Chicago, advised by Prof. Daniel Sanz-Alonso. I also work closely with Prof. Panos Toulis.

Broadly speaking, my research interests lie in developing methodological tools for Bayesian modeling, uncertainty quantification, and experimental designs. Some of my recent works are on probabilistic/optimization methods for estimating parameters of complex dynamical systems governed by differential equations. I am also keen to utilize existing statistical/computational tools for modeling infectious diseases, social experiments, and physical phenomena.

Methodological Keywords:

  • Bayesian Inference, Gaussian Process.
  • Monte-Carlo Method, Stochastic/Blackbox Optimization.
  • Randomization Test.

Domain Keywords:

  • Experimental Design, Computer Experiments, Active Learning.
  • Statistical Inverse Problem.
  • Data Assimilation, State-Space Model.