In reversed chronological order


  1. Optimization on Manifolds via Graph Gaussian Processes
    Hwanwoo Kim, Daniel Sanz-Alonso, and Ruiyi Yang
    Under Review, 2023
  2. FoDS
    Hierarchical Ensemble Kalman Methods with Sparsity-Promoting Generalized Gamma Hyperpriors
    Hwanwoo Kim, Daniel Sanz-Alonso, and Alexander Strang
    Foundation of Data Science, 2023
    Plus/Minus the Learning Rate: Easy and Scalable Inference with SGD
    Jerry Chee, Hwanwoo Kim, and Panos Toulis
    Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, 2023


  1. JUQ
    A Variational Inference Approach to Inverse Problems with Gamma Hyperpriors
    Shiv Agrawal, Hwanwoo Kim, Daniel Sanz-Alonso, and Alexander Strang
    SIAM/ASA Journal of Uncertainty Quantification, 2022
  2. IP
    Graph-based prior and forward models for inverse problems on manifolds with boundaries
    John Harlim, Shixiao W Jiang, Hwanwoo Kim, and Daniel Sanz-Alonso
    Inverse Problems, 2022


  1. High-Dimensional Regression Under Correlated Design: An Extensive Simulation Study
    S Ejaz Ahmed, Hwanwoo Kim, Gökhan Yıldırım, and Bahadır Yüzbaşı
    In International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics, 2019


  1. A sample size calculator for SMART pilot studies
    Hwanwoo Kim
    SIURO, 2016


  1. The Conditional Distribution of the Eigenvalues of the Ginibre Ensemble
    Hwanwoo Kim, and Eugene Siegel
    Technical Report, 2015